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The RSQ HOLO system displays medical data in the form of 3D holograms, providing a completely new way of interacting with data in the operating room by using hand gestures in the air instead of touching a keyboard and mouse.
During surgery, the surgical team can view all the patient's medical data and examine three-dimensional images of their anatomy created from computer tomography or magnetic resonance imaging.
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RSQ Motion
RSQ Motion is a motion tracking system for orthopedic diagnostics and analysis of human biomechanics and motor skills. The multi-sensor system is used to measure and digitally replicate body movement.
RSQ Motion was created with the mission of making the treatment process more objective. It allows us to move away from traditional measurements in the rehabilitation process based on "eyeballing" and transition to reliable, seamless digital measurements.
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RSQ Health System
RSQ Heath System is an EHR configured to meet the individual needs of a facility and enables management of medical offices, scheduling, online patient intake, and patient health records.
Equipped with a range of features, it supports the daily work of doctors, physiotherapists, and administration. This integrated solution facilitates information flow, streamlines collaboration among employees, and accelerates decision-making in a facility.
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We are creating an ecosystem

Since its inception, RSQ Technologies has striven to create the perfect ecosystem for medical facilities that supports both healthcare professionals and patients at every stage of the treatment process.
We emphasize a comprehensive approach that goes beyond rigid frameworks and includes efficient collaboration among specialists, secure information flow, and quick identification of the causes of ailments. This method paves the way for holistic healthcare services. Our solutions have already been recognized by top medical professionals in Europe, the USA, and India.
Health is the most important aspect of human life
It is as much about a balance of mental and physical wellbeing as it is about our participation in the society. The design of healthcare tools has to appreciate all included in health receiving and delivery.
The tools RSQ creates aim maximizing time with the patient per time using tools and achieving better quality of care. Scaling that approach is the ultimate cost saving strategy for all organizations at any scale proven by RSQ customers’ financial outcomes.
Bartłomiej Lubiatowsski

Bartłomiej Lubiatowski

CEO and CINO at RSQ Technologies

Produkty RSQ Technologies


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