The path to health through comprehensive management

An ecosystem tailored to today's healthcare challenges
RSQ Health System is a combination of comprehensive solutions for individual specialists and large medical facilities. The system can be composed of programs:
- for physiotherapists or doctors to manage their practice and medical documentation,
- for registration and administration to efficiently manage the facility and medical schedules,
- for patients and specialists for online registration.

Full integration allows for individual configuration of the system to match the needs of the facility. We bring together all aspects of a healthcare practice.

Discover the world of RSQ Health System

Oprogramowanie medyczne dla fizjoterapeutów

New technologies and medical software serving healthcare

RSQ Physio - Supporting physiotherapists in their daily practice

RSQ Physio is an intuitive program for physiotherapists to manage medical documentation. In one place, they can maintain a comprehensive calendar and appointment schedule.
Dictating documentation or copying forms increase work efficiency, and with the mobile application, physiotherapists can conduct interviews or examine patients outside of their office. This solution opens up new possibilities, such as home visits and remote monitoring.
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RSQ Doctor - An innovative tool for doctors

RSQ Doctor is a tool that allows doctors to focus on patients and improves collaboration amongst multiple specialists. Doctors can easily create a schedule of appointments and conduct detailed interviews with patients with RSQ Doctor.
The program is equipped with a functional system for issuing e-prescriptions and e-referrals, as well as access to an up-to-date drug database. By using RSQ Doctor, doctors save time and have assurance that all information is secure.
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Produkty RSQ Technologies
Produkty RSQ Technologies

RSQ Clinic - Efficient work for administration and registration

RSQ Clinic program supports the work of registration and administration and serves as a management tool for the facility, service catalog, and medical schedules.
It is an effective solution that facilitates appointment scheduling through registration, streamlines work processes, and generates reports related to visits, services, and patients. It is an ideal complement to the RSQ Physio and RSQ Doctor programs.
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RSQ Health - Convenient and flexible patient registration approach

RSQ Health is an online registration tool where specialists can offer all of their services in one place.
Organizations can integrate with RSQ Health at any time and provide access to medical schedules, allowing patients to independently search and book their own appointments. This way, registration spends less time on phone calls and managing schedules, so specialists can focus their attention on treatment.
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The pages related to the programs are written in the Polish language.
If you would like to learn more about the RSQ Health System, please contact us.
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