Keeping our friends and families safe and healthy is what RSQ Technologies has at heart.

Our mission is to create a better healthcare system and improve the health of our society.
We are heading towards a complete overhaul of how we currently interact with medical data.
We are a team of talented design, art, science, medicine, IT, AI and hardware experts coming together to drive healthcare innovation with care, passion and love.
New technologies that help heal
Our goal is to facilitate being healthy by providing access to the highest quality treatment and improving the daily work of healthcare professionals through tools precisely tailored to their needs.
At RSQ Technologies, we develop medical devices and programs to enhance health and securely store patients' medical records.
We live for health.

Do you want to be part of a team that is changing the world of healthcare?

Are you an outstanding specialist or just starting your professional path? Are you looking for new directions for development, or perhaps you want to enhance your existing skills?
Send us your CV and your application will be considered for current and future recruitment opportunities.
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